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PLEASE NOTE: This is only meant f​or those with the competent capacity to care and read..

When you collaborate your operation [business] here

you help us raise funds. 

Our intention is to empower people with cash flow.

The P.M.T.M.L.O. a smarter investors foundation is about group economics; with this advance technology people are able to put there cash to work by attaining assets in unique ways. That pays over and over again. Keep reading to find out more.

Generate coins as you move around then redeem for a global currency

If getting paid to do what you are already doing (moving around) makes since to you. Then Geo Mining is right for you. If you have questions go to the about us tab and leave a direct message.

Click here to down load the app and start earning today.

The more you move & encourage others to move and also invite. The more Geo mine coins you receive to turn into a global asset currency to spend anyway you choose!

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.


free will offering donation

No commitment gets you a little pii coin on the app. Just click the button to mine every 24 hours no need to move around this app does the rest.

please use my username invitation code alexan455022    :) appreciate you



free will offering donation

A little commitment gets you more coin in the app as you move around 

once per month



Per Day

once per month