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PLEASE NOTE: This is only meant f​or those with an open heart and diligent mind to care and read..


Supreme math etiquette 

Our reality knows no bounds or has no limits, until we the people, begin to settle for less. witch then stifle the higher self's ability to achieve A_moor re'(Love). Please think.. 

In active not passive motion

  Our mind and version is now on what we call zoom  you tube channel 19.1.. To participate in the p.m.t.f.o.r.m. (peace makers team fellowship opportunity residual meetings) are our on demand Golden Standard_Unifiying People Estate Trust Party. Where you as the host can invite your circle of friends; and for all those who attend for the duration you will get cash rewarded 2 bucks up to 10 bucks per invitee as long as you are actively participating in our estate trust. Those who are not active could receive 1 buck. The max number of people you can receive a donation for is up to 20 people per party active or inactive. Connect with us today for complete participation details, also download the zoom app to your laptop, desktop, and or mobile device.​ when attending enter meeting Id# 7069324336 password (to be announced) held on the day that works best for you and the people that you invited to attend.  These Exclusive group meetings are available by request in advance only.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.  By the way.......

  We are who and what we say we are. Being as such; and in tune with the fact of. All who are the Royal Ambility (preamble_look up or google 1828 Webster's dictionary of what an American is) Indigenous or better yet Autochthonous  Muu' Originees Americans_Nubian Al Islaam muu' Annu_ white [status] Nationals. As we are the ambility to the Republic for which we stand; as [Sovereignty] on the Land doing our part in uplifting humanity. Giving back the hate they gave: with love, freedom, Peace, actual facts, truth, justness, balance, liberty, and equality, as the core imperial principals. With at least five being an accepted minimum for this moment on. P.e.a.c.e.